Together with Ilona Polanski, one of the finest female illustrators of Central Europe, we created an empowering NFT collection to mark the occasion. Eight beautifully drawn and uniquely animated artworks, each portraying in Ilona’s very individual style one stage of the Tour, with 30 limited editions up for grabs for the fastest to retweet our campaign.

Přihlašovatel: Optimist Czech s.r.o.
Agentura: Optimist Czech s.r.o.
Klient: Škoda Auto a.s.
Značka: We Love Cycling
Produkce: Optimist Czech s.r.o.
Chief Creative Officer Ton Hollander
Executive Creative Director Daniel Haschtmann
Executive Creative Director Aleš Polcar
Art Director Marina Frederiko
Senior Copywriter Karla Caheiros
Managing Director Steffen Günther
Strategic planner Eduard Pinos
Senior Account Manager Radim Stuchlík
Full Stack Developar Anthony Castle
Art Director Anna Philippová
Technical support Brainz